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Who We Are
Our slogan says it all. Let Active Response Marketing be your marketing arm. With over 13 years of marketing and list development experience, we can help your company obtain the leads you need to make your business prosper. We know lead generation.   SIGN UP
Why Buy Leads?
  • Spend your time closing loans rather than prospecting
  • Borrowers complete the application form because they are looking for a loan
  • Save the cost of advertising, cold calling and entertaining
  • Reduce dead-end leads
  • Keep your loan processors and loan officers busy
Why Buy Leads From Us?
  • The leads that you receive are custom selected based on your criteria
  • Our leads are screened to filter out clearly substandard leads
  • We are the only service of which we are aware that sells exclusive leads


At A.R.M., our mortgage lead programs are turning a lot of heads...
Since 1987 we have been helping lenders nationwide increase closings by effectively reaching their specific target markets.

Utilizing "state of the art" predictive dialing systems...
ARM is able to reach thousands of prospects each day and produce superior results regularly.

We offer all forms of Direct Response Media:
Direct Mail
Intelligent Database
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