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Our Programs
Active Response Marketing account executives are  experienced in providing tele-services to financial service  companies. We will work closely with you to provide an  ongoing profitable adventure.  We offer three types of programs  to meet your individual needs.  SIGN UP

Increase your leads!

  • Standard Program With this program, we will contact selected home loans in Salt Lake City Area area to find the Mortgage clients who are seriously considering evaluating their financial situation and would like to talk to you.

Close more loans!

  • Special List Program You can purchase special calling lists with specific information about the homeowner's credit worthiness, such as A.B.C.D. paper, interest rates, and equity LTV ratios. You determine the criteria. We will get this list or you may provide one of your own. It is your choice.

Be more productive!

  • Lead Database Creation If you are looking to target prime/sub prime homeowners, ARM has the most accurate and fastest turnaround on data for your telemarketing or mailing campaigns.

Get more results!

  • The following criteria pertains to all applications:
  • * 8.25% or above unless it is a non fixed interest rate i.e. variable, adjustable or a balloon rate. (*May vary depending on market conditions)
  • Home improvement or debt consolidation of no less than $10,000.
  • New purchases; customer must have a purchase agreement unless otherwise stated by customer.
  • Bankruptcies must be discharged for at least two years unless lender is able to to do bankruptcy buyouts. This must be specified.
  • We will only take foreclosure buyouts if your criteria permits us to do so.

Boost your bottom line!

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